Monday night Casual magic grab bag

What better way to start your week than getting together and play some casual Magic. This could be Mini Masters, Arch Enemy, Plane Chase, Intro Wars, Two Headed Giant. Check the calender for exact events!

Wednesday night board games

We will be organizing demos of board games and running play throughs of various games. Even if you aren't interested in the game of the night, feel free to bring something and crack it out!

Thursday Night eternal Magic

Thursday night is the night to get your Eternal on. Bring your Vintage, Legacy or Modern decks down for some old school Magic. Small scale tournaments will be held or you can just playtest your new brew.

Magic Event Streaming

We will be streaming Magic events (most notably from SCGLive) as they are available. When live events are not going on, check out one of the thousands of movies we have available to watch while you game!

Friday Night Magic (FNM)

Every Friday night will hold different events from Standard to Modern to Drafts. Entry for the non-draft events are free. Prizes will be distributed by Wizards Prize Support. Drafts are $10.00 and includes a pack towards prizes.

tuesday night Commander

Come down for some great Commander games!

The Games you play

Proxy Policy:Proxies must either have all important information printed on the card (Full card name, casting cost, type, P/T and card text) or a printed slip of paper in the card sleeve. See the TO prior to the event if you have any question on proxies.

Saturday Big event

Each Saturday will have a big event for big prizes. Entry for constructed events is $15.00 and prizes will be based on attendance. Sealed events will be based on the type (Sealed, Draft etc). Some events may be proxy events.

Sunday grab bag

Sundays are another grab bag day. It could be Draft, EDH, Cube, Danger Room, Board Game Demo or more! Check the calendar for an exact schedule for the month!