season V- October 10, 2015- December 21, 2015

This season, you get three packs of Magic, add in three of basic lands (plus 5 flex lands, see below) , tweak your deck the the deck construction rules below and play two matches. You win one pack for each match you win. You then get to tweak your starting deck with the prize packs you received. The next session, you get another pack, tweak your deck and play two more matches. You will continue to get packs, play matches and tweak your decks. At the end of the season, we will have a tournament with more prizes!

Here are the rules and guidelines.
​ 1. The only cards allowed in your pool are those you pulled from the packs in the league. All cards in your pool will stay at River Quest Games until the end of the season. Once the season is over, you get all of your cards. If you wish to pull cards from your pool early, you may, but they will be removed from your pool permanently.

2. Deck Construction:

Each deck must contain exactly 50 cards.
Each  deck must contain  exactly 2 rares/mythic rare, 6 uncommons and 22 commons (not counting lands). Exception, first session may be off due to foils. After the first session, foils count as the rarity of the foil in question.
Each deck must contain 3 of each basic land.
Each deck must contain 5 flex lands. Flex lands can be any rarity, and/or any combination of basics.

3. The season will last for 5 sessions, with the the 6th session being the tournament.

4. Entry into the League is $20.00 (this covers your first three packs, prize pack and League entry) plus $5.00 per session played. (all entry fees are paid out in prizes.)

 5. You don't have to attend each session, but each session allows you to get better cards for your deck! Once you play in at least one session, you are guaranteed a slot in the tournament (free of charge). Late comers will be able to join the League and buy up to two packs from the previously selected packs for each session prior. (Example: someone joins on Week Three. You buy in for the normal entry fee. You are also allowed to buy two packs from the week one packs and two packs from the week two packs and begin with an upgraded deck.)

6. Each player has the option to purchase “catch up packs”.  Each week you may purchase up to two additional packs at the end of the session. Each pack won that session reduces the number of packs you may purchase. (ie, if you won both your matches and received two prize packs, you can’t add any additional packs. However, if you lost both your matches, you may pick up two additional packs. If you won one match, you may pick up one additional pack.)


7. Each session's booster packs will be from a different set chosen by River Quest Games staff.