1. No stealing. Being caught stealing either from the store or from another player will result in immediate ejection from the store, and or calling of police depending on the situation. Please be mindful of where your stuff is. River Quest Games is not responsible for lost or stolen items. (Although we will do our best to help track down your things).  
  2. No rough-housing, unwanted physical contact, teasing or bullying. Harassment or bullying of any type will not be tolerated. River Quest Games is a safe place for everyone to game. Treat everyone with respect.  
  3. No bad language. Keep language appropriate for all ages.  
  4. Show Good sportsmanship. Win with grace, lose with style.  
  5. No cheating. No messing with other people's cards.  This will be handled as a rules violation in tournaments and repeated violations will have more permanent consequences.  
  6. No commenting or interfering with games in progress.  Let people play, and make their own mistakes.  
  7. No outside food or drinks. You can bring in carry out/have delivered restaurant food, but please help support the store by buying your drinks and snacks from us.  
  8. No selling of personal property for cash. You may transfer River Quest Games store credit to someone else in exchange for their property, but absolutely no personal cash transactions in the store.

Store ground rules

everyone at river quest games is expected to adhere to these rules.