Vintage Rotisserie Draft League

Cost of entry- $10 

Schedule: 1 night a week for 8 weeks. (1 draft night, 6 League Nights, 1 Tournament Night).

Cost Covers end of league prizes.

The Vintage Rotisserie draft league is a round robin style pseudo-constructed format, in which players compete against each other with decks constructed out of cards from the entirety of MTG history. 

Rather than draft from set packs (a la booster or cubed draft) the players will instead draft cards from the entirety of Magic: The Gathering. Given the enormous amount of cards available, draft picks will be recorded in Microsoft Excel.

Drafting position will be randomly assigned. The draft itself will follow a snake pattern, in which last person to pick in the first round will be the first to pick in the second round, etc. A player will make  pick, that pick will be recorded, and then the next person in the draft order will pick thier card. A 2 minute pick timer will be enforced. A player failing to make a pick in his/her assigned 2 minute span will instead be given a random card after the draft has concluded.

A drafted card is then removed from the draft pool. Only the player who has drafted said card can use it in deck construction, and the card itself can only be registered once. (Aka, drafting Black Lotus allows you to play and register exactly 1 black lotus). This highlander rule is always in effect.  

After the first 15 rounds (all players have 10 cards) the draft will continue in the same fashion, except instead of drafting one card per round, the players are allowed to draft two cards per round. The draft will continue with simultaneously drafted dual picks until each player has reached their 55 card pool size.

If you draft a card you don't personally own (or do not want to use in the League), you may use a playtest copy of the card. A playtest card is a Magic card with all pertinent information of the real Magic card written clearly on the card.


For our first VRDL, deck size will follow the classic limited 40 card minimum. The draft will consist of 55 Picks.

From these 55 picks, each player will then build a 40 card deck and a 15 card sideboard. (There will be cards drafted that may not see play).  Basic lands will be supplied afterward and do not have to be drafted.

Non-basic lands and specified basics (Snow covered Lands, Wastes) must be drafted in order to be registered.  Specific Basics can be drafted multiple times.

Play will follow the standard play/draw rule, in which a player winning a dice roll determines who plays first or second. 

Players will follow the Paris/Vancouver Mulligan rule, in which starting a game with fewer than 7 cards allows said player to scry the top card of their library after choosing to keep.

The matches will be 1 vs 1 with both players beginning the game at 20 life. The player on the play will NOT draw a card during their first turn. 

 Loss Conditions include, but are not limited to:

Having a life total of zero.

Being unable to draw a card from an empty library 

Having 10 or more poison counters. 

Card specific effects (Door of Destiny, Battle of Wits, Felidar Sovereign, etc)

Round time will be 50 minutes.  

These VRDL will follow the Vintage Banned List and any car on the Vintage Banned list will not be draftable (and therefor not playable.)

League play will consist of 2 rounds a league night (assigned randomly). Entry is $5.00 per night and players will win one pack per round won. Players will receive points based on Swiss style scoring for each round. At the conclusion of the League, a final elimination tournament will be seeded based on League point standings. (Entry into this tournament is covered by league entry fee). Play/Draw in final tournament will be based on seed with the higher seeded player choosing play/draw at the start of each match.

Players will be allowed one trade per week (with another player or with the bank of remaining undrafted cards). A trade will consist of one card from each side being exchanged. Players are not required to trade if they do not wish. Trades beyond the first free trade will be allowed at $1.00 per trade. If two players are trading, each player must pay $1.00 for the trade. A trade with the bank only requires the player to pay $1.00. All additional trade fees will be entered into end of the League prize pool. Each player is limited to 3 trades per week, one free trade and 2 paid trades. All trades must be conducted on League night starting up to one hour before the League event starts for the night in the presence of River Quest Games staff. Trades will not be legal at any other time. Trades with the bank will be made on a first come basis. All trades will be documented and tracked.